Friday, 16 March 2012

One fine morning, when the god was sleeping, he had a dream and he fell off from his bed.
 His head became heavy and  God forgot that he was God. He started doing cranky things.
 Ships sailed in the sky. Kites glided in the deep blue seas.
Trees forgot that they were not supposed to move and started moving here and there.
They scared small children away and started playing with the red ball.

Sun made friendship with the Moon and both started playing snakes and ladders. But people got confused.
 Because they did not know when to sleep and when to work?
 When they asked their doubts, they were kindly asked by the stars, to wait till the game gets over!

Time became nostalgic and soon, the Great Great Great Grandfather Clock started marching backwards.
The clock reversed and time rejoiced meeting the old times!
 But all were not happy with this reverse arrangement...

By this time the God realized who he is and what he is supposed to do.
 But alas! He was too late or rather it had become "too early"...
So he just started the world all over again.