Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ting Tong!!!

Why do we need Superheroes when people with magical powers are right at our doorstep?
The Milkman or lets call him Doodh waale kaka!

"Jogwaa de ga maai...."

The Irritating and Irritated Teacher working on the Census!

The one whose work goes unnoticed but his work not done would not only be noticed... it will prick the head, stink in the nose and rot in the eyes.... the Garbage picker!

The honorable Postman- to him we owe our on time bills, packages, speed-posts, secret love letters, ahem! 

House maid
(We don't pay her for her work... if you think so it is a big misconception. She owns you. And out of her kindness she does some petty chores for you. But frankly, a day in her absence will be upside down for many of us, won't it?)

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